The Heavenly 55 Park Street Clinical Laboratory in New Haven, USA

The popular Park Street Building is located in the center of New Haven, Connecticut. It is a notable laboratory extension to the Yale-New Haven Hospital – a well known place for both teaching and research. The Park Street Building is right between the Hospital and the University.This particular area of New Haven is known for the dividethat is due to an unfinished highway project (the Route 34 Corridor) and the Air Rights Parking Garage (which has two stories). There have been a number of attempts to resolve the problems with this divide.

And now, the skill and talent of Behnisch Architekten comes to the rescue with the amazing architectural design of the 55 Park Street clinical laboratory. The building has a very significant function – to serve as the long sought link between the two halves of New Haven. It also takes advantage of the Air Rights Parking Garage, of course.

In the initial drafts the building was envisioned as being a separate multi-story laboratory with the intended function of supporting the North Pavilion Cancer Center nearby. Soon, however, the architects saw that this prominent site can easily serve as a passage to the new cancer center. Eventually, the 55 Park Street Building became a vital part of the entire infrastructure of the hospital.A series of bridges and ramps linked the North Pavilion Cancer Center and the Air Rights Parking Garage. You can access the building through the main entrance – the Parking Garage or using the other points of access at the corner of Park Street and South Frontage Road.

Once inside, here is what you can find: the clinical laboratory area itself spreads on four floors; there is a blood bank, a pharmacy space and primary loading bay; also – various administrative offices, aretail area on the ground floor and a hospital auditorium zone.

Behnisch Architekten has more surprises in store for the visitors. Inside the clinical laboratory building they decided to create a very spaciousatrium consisting of four floors! This inviting lovely central area is the beautiful public winter garden of the building. Here the medical staff, students, researchers, patients and visitors can have a relaxing time together in a distinctively friendly atmosphere. And if you happen to get lost in this rather busy place, the marvelous winter garden can be your point of orientation.

The 55 Park Street Building is framed in steel and clad in panels with high insulation. They have clear, colored or opaque glazing which provides shading or light reflection with regard to the visitors comfort. There are also conference rooms and work spaces with vision panels affording beautiful views to the New Haven harbor and the West River Park. The external appearance of the building is breath taking – the light plays with the various glazed elements, whose different degrees of color, opacity and reflection make this place the unique architectural feat it is! Enjoy the pictures we’ve chosen for you bellow!

Images ©Behnisch Architekten

Architect: Behnisch Architekten, Los Angeles; Svigals + Partner, LLP

Location: New Haven, USA

Year: 2010

Gross: 13,970 m2 / 150,000 sq.ft.

Awards: 2011 LEED Gold awarded by US Green Building Council

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