HotTug – Hot Tub Boat

Do you know what’s better than a hot tub? A hot tub that lesirely cruises around on the unforgiving open seas or just safely around a little romantic lake. Yep, this cool new HotTug – Hot Tub Boat now exists. Just fill up this 6-8 person hot tub with water, fire up the wood burning stove to heat it up to around 100° F, call all your friends and set out on your relaxing hot-tubbing journey using either the integrated electric motor or via an optional outboard engine. Hopefully, future models will include a time machine.

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  1. why not heat water in a coil in the fire and make a heat exchanger motor to power it

  2. Jeremy,

    You could make enough energy (thermo-electric generator)to power a pump that would move water through the coil/generator but not enough to power for a boat motor.

  3. Dirk Diggler says:

    Are there actual “jets”, or is it more of a “soaker tub” concept?

    Also, where can you buy/rent these, I’m sold.

    Well done, you folks really know how to “shake the bacon” in my opinion, yes, very well done.

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